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Aleksandr Rodionov, CFO CLAVIS / +79099618201
About Clavis

Clavis was founded in 2020 by the mixologists team led by Antony Kalashnikov. Since then we have grown from a small startup into a company with its own production, warehouses, distribution throughout Russia and other countries and a customer base of over 3000 bars and restaurants HoReCa projects. More than 10 millions cocktails were sold in 2022 together with our partners.

For a new gastronomic experience and to enhance cocktail and dish tastes
Food Perfumes
29 flavors in the classic line
Perfect for creating a cocktail with ideal balance and refined taste without any hassle
23 flavors in the classic line
10 flavors in the foreign line
2 flavors in the special line
Clavis for home
It’s not necessary to be an expert or professional to make delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails in a few minutes. Clavis is perfect for parties with friends, buffets and corporate events.
We use only natural ingredients. Clavis line includes dozens of cordials, that allows you to prepare cocktails for any taste.
Any cocktail with Clavis may be prepared just in a minute.
Pour Clavis, add alcohol and ice. Stir in glass for 60 seconds. Your cocktail is ready.
Only one bottle of strong alcohol or wine is need to make a cocktail with Clavis. Won’t need lemons, juicer or cocktail shaker!
60 sec
*cooking time
15 cocktails
Same among of cocktails in a moscow bar = ~ $120
Clavis + your alcohol = ~ $25

How to make a cocktail?

Take 50ml of Clavis cordial
Add ice
Add 50 ml of your favorite strong alcohol
Mix it for 30 sec
That’s it. Your cocktail is ready!
Clavis for bar
Clavis is a profitable partner for bars, restaurants and hotels. The process of making cocktails becomes faster due to our cordials. Besides, the cost of the cocktails decreases which helps to increase revenue by 3-4%.
Our managers always welcome to help you in making an order. They’ll give you some tips on how to use the product.
Clavis tastes make experiments possible. You’ll create new cocktails and find unique combinations by mixing our product with common ingredients.
You don’t have to make preparations or pay employees for extra hours.
You’ll serve more guests in the same time period.
perfect for
Bar — Cafe — Party — Buffet — Corporative events — Present — Romantic time — Children’s party — Wedding — Bar — Cafe — Party — Buffet — Corporative events — Present — Romantic time — Children’s party — Wedding
How we create flavours
The concept of each taste is unique. It may be inspired by jasmine blossoms in the Botanical Garden in Moscow or just a twist on one of classical cocktails. Our approach to the selection of ingredients remains universal with a main focus on naturalness, quality and uniqueness of the product.
Stage 1
Concept and Ingredients
Stage 2
Creation of new bases and perfumes is based on the principles of selectivity. Highly trained mixologists work in our laboratory of taste and highlight the best properties from each ingredient all over the world. Therefore, we achieve the perfect balance of acids, textures and colors.
Stage 3
Cooking process
Each batch is made under the strict supervision of our technologist. Our product has stable taste, color and acidity despite the seasonality.
Clavis Partners
We cooperate with more than 3000 bars and restaurants all over Russia. Clavis has already proved to be an effective and innovative decision for activities and arrangements of various scales and levels: from weddings and birthdays to large-skale corporative events and forums.

Since the foundation Clavis has already become a partner on such professional food-industry events like Best chefs (2021), Prod-Expo (2022), Gastreet Show (2022), Wine Picnic (2022), Saint Petersburg Cocktail Week (2022) and VK fest (2022).
Clavis basis for cocktails and perfumes may be purchased from our distributers JOIA fine wines & spirits (North-West), Altima (South), Shades of taste (Belarus). The entire range of our tastes for your personal events is available on such marketplaces like OZON, WB и Yandex.Market.
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